Reading & Phonics

At KLS we strive to create a passion for reading amongst our students. Every day new titles are published by new and familiar authors. Sometimes it can be hard to choose something you may think your child will enjoy. On our website the teachers have chosen some of their favourite books, books we hope you and your children can also come to love. You will find recommendations for every year group, which can be accessed in school or in our local library.  We hope these recommendations will inspire you and your children to try them for yourselves.

If you or your children have a book you have fallen in love with, perhaps by a new author, please feel free to pass on your recommendations to me via email  and maybe we can add your choices to our list of recommendations to inspire other readers.

Happy Reading!

Mrs Batterton

(English Lead)


Reading for Pleasure

Reading for pleasure is a key focus in KLS this year. Once our children have mastered their phonics skills we want them to continue learning to read increasingly challenging texts all the way through to the end of Y6. Research shows that reading for pleasure has a massive impact on a child’s success in school and future life chances. We are encouraging our children to see reading as a pleasure by sharing texts, helping them select books that suit their interests and  abilities and encouraging them to recommend enjoyable books to others. Developing this love of reading can be further nurtured at home by hearing your child read regularly as well as sharing reading materials that may match your child’s enjoyment level but currently be beyond their reading level. Please find below a useful ‘Reading for Pleasure’ guide to give you tips and ideas including websites, videos and webinars, to support your child in their reading journey throughout their time at the school. Thank you for your support.